A Seminar on College Entrance Examination Preparation Strategy was Held in No.8

 Recently, No.8 invited Zhou Hong who was the hign school’s English researcher of Shi Jiazhuang Science and Research Office to gave a lecture about”English reform and the strategy for preparing the college entrance examination”. All the English teachers listened carefully to the lecture.


Miss zhou first of all, put forward on the specific guidance from the perspective of the English class teaching, in view of the gestalt fills up the normal high school class, the teaching mode of reading normal class , key point and direction. Miss Zhou gave a detailed introduction to the reform of the English language curriculum that we have implemented since 2018. Miss zhou also put forward the specific opinions for senior three teachers in final preparation phase. 


The teachers present  said their harvest was very big, Miss Zhou’s lecture has both macro interpretation of the English college entrance examination reform, and has micro guidance for English teaching and college entrance examination test which would promote the improvement of English teaching.



Foreign Affairs Office

May 12