2017 Singapore International IDEX Innovation Competition

 On April 3 to 9, the four people’s delegation made by one teacher and three students of No.8:Yang Jianwei, Zhai Shun, Shi Shilong, Liu Hang went to Singapore to attend the 2017 international IDEX innovation competition held by Singapore Anglo-Chinese School. The theme of the competition was "Technology for Human Life". After receiving the the invitation from the organizers the participating teachers and students began the careful preparation and through the careful study and information access, finally the students with the guidance of teacher Yang developed especially for the students the bone conduction hearing mask.With bone conduction hearing mask, people can effectively fight PM2.5 pollution and it also have MP3 function with which people can learn and entertain at anytime and anywhere. Bone conduction earphone can avoid earplugs occuping the external auditory canal and make the middle school students’ s travelling more secure. In addition, the fluorescence function on the mask’s strap can increase the safety factor of the secondary school students travelling at night. The parts are connected with spange and the modular design is convenient for the repairing and maintenance of the mask.


This study obtained the consistent affirmative from the competition jury and participating teachers and students. At last No.8’s delegation standed out from  the final 16  delegations who were from different countries and got a valuable bronze medal. In the part of adding activities,the delegation also successfully built a purify sewage filtering device and the final test samples all up to standard which got highly evaluation by the organizing committee.


Through the activity, the students learned how to use the textbook knowledge to successfully apply in practice which also fit to  the event's theme "Technology for Human Life". At the same time, the students felt the exotic culture, broaden their horizons and they all felt benefited a lot.



Foreign Affairs Office

27th April