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What We Should Pay Attention to in our Library


1.  Keep the library quiet and clean for the sake of a good environment.

2.You need to behave properly in the Library.

3.Show your library card when you need to borrow a book, and the book that you choose should be registered by the librarian before you take it out.

4.Do not bring in your own book into the library.

5.Take good care of the books, do not destroy the label and the code, and do not paint it or tear it because you need to pay for it If any damage is done to the book. 

6.The library is open to the students in the midday, and is open to the teachers for all day. Borrowing books during the summer and winter vacation need to refer to the regulation.

7.Safely keep your library card, do not lend it to others. If you lost it, report the loss timely because during this period, you need to take responsibility for the books borrowed from the library by your card.

8.The students who are graduated or suspended or transferred and the teachers who are retired or transferred need to return the books before leaving the school, and the library card will be suspended later.

9.The librarians need to be passionate on the work,serve whole-heartedly and educate the students to cultivate good habits in reading.The readers need to respect the librarians and obey the regulation.