The Ninth English Festival of No.8


 In order to enrich students' extracurricular life, and stimulate students' interest in learning English, on December 23, No 8 held the ninth English festival. There are three parts of the English festival: the opening ceremony, student activities and theatrical performances. With “More English, More Fun” as the theme, interesting, useful, diversity and distinctive as characteristics of the festival.


In No.8 gymnasium, Principal Xu declared the opening of the ninth English festival.The prelude of English festival was pulled open by all the students read” More English, More Fun”. First was the school English reading exhibition and all the classes were graded in three levels by ten English teachers. In the English reading contest, each class has its own unique and ingenious design. Some members of the class acted as a  Santa Claus; some class stand in ladder shape... Each class showed its own style. Then began a variety of classroom activities: interesting word guessing, randomly, speech contest, calligraphy contest, English  newspaper production, Cambridge textbook drama performances, etc. 


And the most attractive was the closing ceremony which pushed he English festival to a climax which included medal presentation and theatrical performances. In the entertainment, game we felt the charm of the language, cultural diversity at the same time we shared the happiness of growth, the fun of the competition.



The Characteristic Office

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