Singapore Anglo-Chinese School’s 22 Teachers and Students Visited No.8


On November 13th, 22 members from Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore visited No.8 and had 6 days exchange activities. The first day when they came was just coincide with the time of our weekly flag-raising ceremony,Principle Xu warmly invited them to attend it and at the end of the ceremony Vice-Principle Miao Shuxian delivered a speech to welcome the guests from far away.


During the visit, the Director of our school Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jingjing took the Anglo-Chinese School teachers and students to familiar with the campus environment, and gave them a basic introduction about No.8. Students from Singapore also came into the classroom with interest to have classes with Chinese students together to experience the Chinese learning life. After class they talked about the exotic culture and jointly took part in the sports activities. In order to give Singapore students deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture, our school Dietary place specially prepared for them to learn making the Chinese traditional food—dumplings. A student from Anglo-Chinese School said: "although there are many Chinese restaurant in Singapore, the general lifestyle and eating habits still have a big difference from China. We sometimes eat Chinese dumplings, but we don't know much about the production process." 

With their curiosity, the cook from dietary place demonstrated the whole process of making dumplings for them and the students learned seriously. That night they ate the dumplings made by themselves. At the end of the visit, the students also visited the farm near Beijing Tong county to experience the local conditions and customs of China.


Although the visit was very short, It left a very deep impression to them. and the journey has not been made in vain. The affection between two schools were deepen.


Foreign Affairs Office

18th Nove