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No.8 in the Eyes of Foreigners




 “How long have you lived in China?” This is one of the questions I hear quite frequently, and I have mixed feelings about saying I have lived here more than 10 years. On the one hand the time has passed by so quickly, but on the other hand, I feel that I should be more familiar with  China than I am. It is not only an ancient civilization, but a complex one, and there is always more to learn.


It was not the physical atmosphere of the school but the friendliness of people that really caused us to want to continue working in langfang. From the first we were eagerly welcomed, and have been helped and supported in so many ways by the faculty and administration of the school. They not only care about the skills we have to offer,but about our genuine well-being, they have offered help in many ways. At the same time,we have had a freedom to do things on our own,and have not often felt constrained.    


Another impression to me is the desire of our students to learn English and understand more of the world outside of china has certainly been very appealing to us. We have truly enjoyed communicating with these eager young minds, and found that discussions both within and outside of the classroom have been very stimulating. There has been much give and take, and we have learned a great deal from them about the culture of this ancient but now modernizing nation, Our students have been not only a source of information and friendship as they study at school, but some have also kept in touch with us over the years, and enabled us to have connections today with people in many walks of life.


 Foreign Affairs Office