2016 No.8’s Class for Entering Famous Korean Universities will Open

 No.8 is planing to open a class of no more than 30 students for those who want to study in famous Korean universities. No.8 will hire a professional Korean teacher to teach and the teaching content will be the subjects for the College Entrance Examination and the Korean courses. No.8 will directly dock with Asian famous universities : Yonsei University,  Ewha Womans University and the National University. The opening of the class will offer an opportunity for the students who want to study in South Korea.  

The advantages of studying in South Korea:


1.  The bilateral political relations between China and South Korea  remains stable and prosperous. China and South Korea have similar cultures and similar thoughts. The parents can feel comfort in the safety, environmental adaptation and cultural blend.


2. Korean Universities have high quality and their degrees have attained both international and domestic recognition.

3. The transportation and distance between China and South Korea is very convenient. It is about 1200 kilometers from Beijing to Seoul linear distance and it is equal to the distance from Beijing to Shanghai or Xi 'an.


4. Compared to Europe and the United States Colleges, studying in South Korea costs lower. Korean universities also offer a variety of scholarships and the South Korean government also encourages students to have work-study programs which can, to a certain extent, reduce the economic burden of the family.


5. The employment prospect is broad. 

Declare  Conditions:

1. The studenst graduate from Junir School and are formally admitted by No.8.

2. Voluntary learning Korea.

3. 30 students will be chosen in the application for registration and according to  their examination scores  from highest to lowest will form a class.


The telephone number for consulting:



No.8 School Office

5th. June