the Notice of the Overseas Innovation Challenge 2016

 Secondary School Category

       Details of Overseas Innovation Challenge 2016

“Making Sense: Rock with Light"

1. Objectives

To make a light bulb with aesthetic quality using pencil lead

2. Detailed Objectives

Each team is to construct the pencil lead light bulb in their country.

The product will be judged at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) on 8 April 2016

using the judging criteria stated as below.

Maximum Product specifications:

Maximum dimensions: 200mm by 200mm by 200mm

Maximum mass: 650g

Essential Technical Product Information

Teams must provide easily accessible power terminals for their product to connect to the power supply provided by the judging committee.

The power terminals must be constructed out of metal. Any other materials, inclusive of but not limited to graphite, will not be permitted for use as power terminals. Teams that are unable to provide alternative means of connection will not have their product evaluated.

Maximum dimensions and mass represent the all in, ready to run condition of the product.

The maximum dimensions/mass will be strictly enforced and are non-negotiable.

Any teams with product exceeding these dimensions/mass will be requested by the judging committee to remove parts/components of their own choosing until the dimensions/mass of their product complies with the values quoted above.

Teams which refuse to comply with the judging committee's instructions will not have their product evaluated.

3. Judging Criteria

The product will then be judged based on 30% on Science Concepts

50% on Product Development

20% Aesthetic Presentation

[See more detailed information on the last page]

ImaginaXium 2016

4. Requirements

Please take note of the following dates:

Deadlines  Date

Submission of entry form together with participants’ details (attached with this email) and travel information 30 January 2016

Reporting to ACS (Independent) Boarding School  7 April 2016. Judging at ACS (Independent) 8 April 2016

Prize presentation @ IMAGINAXIUM 2016 event

All participants (finalists and non-finalists) are invited to attend the Symposium.

8 April 2016

5. Rules and Regulations

1) Do adhere to all deadlines

2) Entry form and particulars of participants must be submitted by 30 January 2016

Please indicate school and participants names clearly. Late entries will not be


3) Number of entries -One Team per school only

4) Number of team members: maximum 3 per team

5) Judges decision is final

6) The organisers reserve the right to amend the rules and regulations stated herein at their own discretion without any prior notice

7) Prizes:

-  Cash and/or Trophies for the champion school, first-runner up and second-

runner up

-  Certificates of Distinction for top 3 participants

8) ACS (Independent) as the organiser, reserves the right to keep all materials submitted for the competition

6. Important Information

In order to assist the committee in their planning, it is very much appreciated if you could give us an early reply if you are coming. Upon confirmation, please use the forms attached if you have not submitted the form yet.

The following will be provided, complimentary of ACS (Independent) for only one teacher and three students from each participating school.

  Accommodation in the Boarding School only from 7 April 2016 to 9 April 2016(inclusive) for two nights and three days.

  Meals provided will be

Breakfast (8 th and 9 th April morning)

Dinner (7 th and 8 th April evening)

Note that the food is not Halal certified.

  Transportation for official activities in Singapore will be provided by ACS


Note that all participants are responsible for your own airfares for two ways. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) will not bear the cost of airport transfer from and to the Boarding School.

7. Judging Criteria

Criteria 1: Innovation Challenge Rubrics for Innovations (Science Concepts)

(30%)Scientific concepts and related content

Provided clear and effective communication detailing how the task

was carried out.

Reader does not need to infer how and why decisions were made.

Creative, precise and appropriate use of multiple scientific

representations and/or notations on the display information.

Scientific Communication Appropriate and precise use of scientific terminology.

Provided reference to in depth, sophisticated relevant scientific concepts, principles or theories (electrical concepts etc.).

Provided evidence of observable characteristics, and/or physical

properties of materials etc. used, went beyond the task to make

connections or extend thinking.

Criteria 2: Innovation Challenge Rubrics for Innovation (Product development)


Innovation and Design of product

Extensive innovation shown. Extensive use of original ideas in product.

Efficient product design, with little to no wastage or excessive use

of materials.

Very appropriate use of materials provided Brightness of the light bulb/lux

(relative ambient) 76-100 percentile Life-span of light bulb 76-100 percentile

Safety of design  Safety fully complied

Criteria 3: Innovation Challenge Rubrics for Aesthetic Presentation – 20%

Aesthetics of product

Extremely aesthetically pleasing product and very neat, with ingenuity of design and a slew of creative thinking.