South Korea Government Guangdong High School Visited No.8




Thirty people's delegation from South Korea Government Guang Dong High School had  a one-day friendly exchange visit to our school on December 22ed. This was the fourth year in a row for the school visited No.8 and was also a return visit for our school’s 14 teachers and students visited South Korean schools on December 12th.

Under the guidance of the Principal Zhao Yongji, the South Korean delegation arrived at No.8 an 9 am. The school leaders who received them were No.8’s Principal Xu Yonghui , Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian, Office Director Ma Donghui, Director of the Teaching Office Qu Zhaofu, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jingjing and the Director of the International Department Gu feng.

Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian led the delegation firstly to visit the library and the grateful square in No.8 and she gave a brief introduction to the school campus, after which the South Korean delegation attended the welcome ceremony  held in our school gym.The ceremony presided by the Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian and both Principal Xu Yonghui and Guangdong High School Principal Zhao Yongji  delivered speeches at the meeting. The two schools also jointly enjoyed the singing and dancing carefully prepared by Chinese students. During the ceremony between the two schools and students from the two countries  exchanged  gifts. President Xu also gave the books ”kindness, righteousness and filial piety” edited by himself to the friends from South Korea as presents. After the ceremony, South Korean students walked into the classroom with great interest to experience the learning atmosphere of Chinese students.

The day that the delegation visited coincided with the Chinese winter solstice and according to the Chinese tradition, every family would eat dumplings, so in this day No.8 specially prepared the activity for South Korean students and teachers to learn making dumplings. The students learned very carefully and the night they ate the dumplings made by themselves.


Through the activity, the two schools and the two countries’ students not only deepen their feeling, also the Korean students know more about China’s local conditions and customs.


Foreign Affairs Office

December 24th