Travel and study in Singapore


August 4th, I stepped on the road to travel and study in Singapore. Singapore, in my impression, is a country with beautiful environment, fresh air, strict system and their people work and live in harmony. It proved the people there were very friendly and were willing to help us when we got lost. Sometimes when we ordered in the restaurant and couldn't follow their language, they would translate for us patiently. We also got rid of the habit of  standing casually on the elevator after I came back from Singapore.   Though I often forgot about these manners,  I slowly changed my way as I stayed in Singapore.


The first day we arrived in Singapore, the environment there really made me shocked:  I didn't see a piece of paper scrap and package bag from the airport to the school campus and I found there was almost no sanitation workers in the city, all people were consciously put the rubbish into the dustbin, so the locals' living habits really made me surprise.

When we arrived at the Anglo-Chinese School, the school was holding weekly flag-raising ceremony and we were lucky to participate in, the ceremony was very neat and the speed of collection of the students was very fast.When it began  all the people at present were quiet and watching the national flag rising  after which was the serious prayer ......After the flag-raising ceremony, I was assigned to the class 310, the students welcomed us and greeted us with "hello".When we encountered the  knowledge that we didn’t understand, the students there would explain to us, I really liked these friends in Singapore, also enjoyed every class there.


From the National Day ceremony in Singapore, I saw the soldiers' system and I could feel their patriotic feelings from the solemn ceremony.  After a serious  speech they began a celebration,all the people at present were immersed in a happy atmosphere.


I also encountered many weird things in Singapore. We visited Singapore zoo at night in which I firstly took close looked at the animals I liked and they were so lovely. The zoo has a luminous store which I was deeply immersed in, and I even forgot the time back. When we waited for the school bus outside the zoo, we often unconsciously stood between streets chasing and playing, or sat on the pedestrians for tired when teachers would stop us for this uncivilized phenomenon and under the guidance of the teachers, now we have formed the good habits of morality.


We also visited the famous merlion.The merlion baby was lovely and lively and the merlion mother stand on the sea looking into the distance, as if waiting for the return of her husband who was so majestic with 37-- meters  body set up in Singapore sentosa park whose domineering appearance seemed to dominate the whole of the Singapore.

Finally we visited the universal studios in Singapore, where I challenged my extremity---taking  the roller coaster and I sat in the first row and felt the train would run off the track at any time.......


From this trip, I not only learned a lot of knowledge, etiquette, improved my spoken English level, challenged ourselves, also found our own shortcomings.What gave me more pleasure was  breaking the wall of the gap between us and the teachers and It also promoted the friendship between our schoolmates.


Wei Yinghao