Yonsei University Representatives Visited No.8



On September 23rd, Yonsei University representatives visited our school and had a friendly exchange with the Chinese students of Korean class.

Yonsei University is a christian private research university, which is located in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 1885 and is one of South Korea's oldest universities and a first-class university. Yonsei University, Seoul National University and Korea University are known as the “a stretch of sky” in South Korean. It was ranked 142 in the 2011 QS world university rankings and ranked 16 in Asia. In 2015, it ranked 106 in the QS world university rankings.

Yonsei University was the third Korean University that came to have a friendly visit at our school since the Korean training base was built in our school. This project was aimed to enrich our school’s characteristics of running a school, to cultivate international talents and to build a platform for Chinese students who would study in South Korean schools.

During the visit, two staff members of Yonsei University attentively introduced to our students the basic condition of Yonsei University and answered students' questions and hoped that through the learning of Korean knowledge Chinese students might have the chance to enter Yonsei University for further education in the future.

The event not only made Chinese students have a further understanding of Korean Universities, but also strengthened their determination of working hard in Korean knowledge learning and make their dream of studying in a famous Korean University come true.

Foreign Affairs Office