No.8 Students Can Achieve Their Dreams of Studing in South Korea


As the costs of studing abroad  such as in Europe and the UnitedStates soaring and the signing rates continue dropping. The families that had planned to send their children to study abroad had to take the costs into account. The high fees to study in such countries also let many families and students hope and stop and they are desperately hoping to find the study ways that pay fewer but gain larger. In this case, to study in South Korea both can enjoy high quality education and spend less money. South Korea has a number of world famous universities. South Korea Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University are leading the way. The  teaching facilities and the education levels of colleges and universities in South Korea are roughly same with the ones in the developed countries such as Britain, which also with high degree of recognition in worldwide. Analysts gave five advantages: 1. The practical curriculum design, excellent quality of education, bilingual teaching and the advantage of advanced professional knowledge, the master degree of international recognition. 2. Grasping a popular foreign language in the 21st century will give students b righter futures and broader employment chances. 3. The total costs are about 70000 to 80000 yuan a year, and some famous private schools in Seoul will cost 10,0000-12,0000 for a year, which also can be afforded by the common working-class families. 4. There are varieties of scholarships, the simple visa process, low guarantee and  high visa's passing rate. 5. South Korea and China have stable political relations, closely and expanding economic and trade exchanges which also provide students with more chances of employment.



Timely, our school’s "Korean Training Center" which was held by Langfang City Bureau of Education is about to start after the winter vacation. This is a significant affair to deepen our school’s foreign language characteristics and its purpose is to open up a road to success for the children from common working-class families through studying abroad in famous Universities. With the attitude of highly responsible for the students and parents, our school on January 5th, 2015 to 10th sent five-people delegation to have an on-the-spot investigation and have a negotiate cooperation with four famous Univeristies in South Korea. At present, our school has established friendly and cooperative relationship with Yonsei university, Seoul National University and Ewha Womans University, City Star University and No.8 also reached the intention of making the transmission of Chinese students to the National University of Gyeongbuk, Lingnan University and University of Yongjin. The City Bureau of Education has signed agreements with several universities, such as the Central University that we could send Chinese students to study in South Korea and provide the students with the biggest security for further study. Langfang Korean training center provides students with free Korean courses and students can make use of their spare time to study. After passing the Korean grade examination, they can apply directly to the South Korean university for the studing of undergraduate. We proposed two levels of Korean classes: "elite class" and "regular class", and please hurry to sign up and we will admit the best examinees.


Foreign Affaires Office

May 5th. 2015