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My name is Mr. Fortier and I am a foreign teacher at Langfang Number 8 Middle School. I come from America having lived in the states of Maryland, Virginia and most recently, the beautiful state of Nevada. My favorite thing to do in my free time is reading. In America I enjoy fishing. At Number 8 I teach senior grade 2 students. The students are all hard working and always try their best in my classes.


In addition to teaching in China I previously taught in Japan for 5 years. I have found that my students in China are less worried about making mistakes when they learn English than their Japanese counterparts. Believe me when I say that this is an advantage since a language learner will frequently make mistakes of one kind or another as he or she learns the language. I can attest to this first hand in having learned Japanese and continuing to try and make head way in learning Chinese. Chairman Mao’s expression of “hao hao xue xi tian tian xiang shang”, which directly translates to “good good study day day up” might be a bit awkward but it still gets the point across. The point in this case is that repetition and persistent will eventually yield good results. This is certainly true when it comes to learning a language since continual daily studying is critical in acquiring the language.


In terms of the city of Langfang my view is that it is a pretty convenient and comfortable place in which to live. It has all the modernity of a big city without being a big city like Beijing or Tianjin. For me this is an extra added benefit. The multitude and plethora of excellent restaurants and spacious parks is also advantageous especially since I enjoy dining out on a daily basis!


Finally, let me finish with a few words about the people of China. Personally I find them to be warm, friendly and very hospitable. I have always felt comfortable here, perhaps in part, due to the “family like familiarity” which is ingrained in the culture. Often times new people will refer to you in a close way, addressing you by using a family word (depending on your age in relation to them). This only helps create a comfortable atmosphere between folks and it is something I find especially refreshing and appealing about the People’s Republic of China.