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The Role and Function of Foreign teachers in the Enlish Classes (4)




As a teacher, the first thing we should be a person who can manage classes effectively. Of course, as a manager, first, English introduction is a process of reeducation.


1.     The Definition of Classroom Management


Classroom management refers to the way teachers organize what goes on in the classroom. As the most powerful person in the classroom, the teacher has the authority to influence the kind of interaction that goes on in the class, and this interaction is created from a combination of many related factors, it includes such factors and how much the teacher talks and what the teacher says; the teacher’s questioning behaviors; and how the teacher gives instruction, keeps students on task, and makes language comprehensible to the students.


The successful management is to create a classroom atmosphere conductive to be interesting in English in meaningful ways. It is through meaningful interaction that students can make progress in learning English. The successful management depends on teachers’ adjustment, that good discipline and atmosphere stimulate the students’ initiative, creation.


2.     The Ways that English Teacher Create Opportunities for Students to Interact in English.


This section is to discuss how teachers manage classroom teaching so that students have opportunities to interact in English in meaningful way.


Teacher’s Talk: When asked to tape-record their teaching, listen to the tape, add up the amount of time they talk, teachers are generally surprised to discover they spend much more time talking than they had imagined. Some teachers will react by saying that too much talk is bad and should be avoid. But this is not necessarily true. When it comes down to it, it is not how much time we spend talking but rather than the way we use ti talk to promote meaningful interaction that is significant. Certain uses of teacher talk seem to lack this purpose and not productive. Other uses seem purposeful and potentially productive.


Some English teachers talk aloud in the classroom. Although some might gain something positive from this language experience, it cab confuse students, and might stop listening, even when the teacher has something important to say. Like wise, if the teacher gives long explanation about language or long speeches on ideal ideas, some students will sit back and shift in to a passive temperament. However, we can elect to use English selectively to answer students’ question, give introduction, explain homework assignments that students can understand, participate in daily interpersonal communications with students in English.