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The Role and Function of a Foreign Teacher in English Class Communication(3)



Instruction assessment is the most important process of teaching. The assessment on student’s linguistic knowledge, skill, attitude, the performance in class.  In order to adjust the process of learning, change teaching methods; get the response—that is continuously assessed.


1.     Correct Students’ Mistakes


(1) The Reason Why Students Make Mistakes.


All students make mistakes at various stages of their language learning. It is part of the natural process they are going through for many reasons. In the first place, the students’ own language may get in the way. This is most obviously the case with ‘false friends’—those words that sound or look the same but mean something different.


Interference from the students’ owns language is not the only reason for making mistakes. These are the result of conscious processing, for example, when a student, having learning to say things like ‘ I have to go’, then starts saying ‘ I must to go’, not realizing that the use of  ‘to’ is not permitted with ‘must’. There are examples of ‘errors’. Others seem to be more like ‘skip’ made while students are simultaneously processing, information and they are therefore easier to correct quickly.


(2)The Manners in Correcting Students’ Mistakes


Correction helps students to clarity understanding of the meaning of language. It is a vital part of the teacher’s role, because it involves pointing out people’s mistakes. We have to be careful when correcting, if we do it in an insensitive way, we can upset our students and reduce their confidence. In general, the teacher’s job is to point out when something has gone wrong—and see the student can correct herself or himself. Maybe what they said or wrote was just a slip and they are able to put it right.


Sometimes, however, students can’t put mistakes right on their own, so we have to help them and we can do this by asking if one of their classrooms can help put. Sometimes, students like that prefer gentle correction from the teacher. On the other hand, the students enjoy helping each other. Teachers should organize some practice, teachers need to listen out for mistakes, identify the problem and put it right in most efficient way. Teachers can show through the use of expression, encouraging words (good, well done, fantastic) that students are doing really well.


2.     Organizing Response


Organizing response is also very important in assessment of learning. Teachers should have safety assessment, and then students know themselves right or wrong. What is right? What is wrong? We have two forms.


(1) Response of Content


The response of content focuses on the activities itself, but on the angle of language training to assess teaching. For example, students do the multiple choice, teachers and students discuss the reason of one choice. They don’t do action on using language exactly, but do action on the result of communication. On other hand, the response of content attached on the content and subject.


Although students practice language, teachers do not stop on the expression of language. They should discuss the activity itself, and omit the mistake in language that students may do.


(2) Response of Form


It is the work that access students of using language exactly. It corrects student’s language problems when they observe their students, and praise the right, correct the wrong.


It is point that, response of form must after the response of content, and the response of form decides on the situation, if the time is suitable or not. It need the teachers have plenty of psychological teaching knowledge, teaching experience, and very sensitive on students. But over it will lead to a bad result. In fact, we should use some communicable teaching skills.