Cooperation Contract Signing Ceremony between Lees McRac College and No. 8 Foreign Language School






Mar. 26, 2014: The ceremonious cooperation contract signing ceremony about setting up Confucius classrooms was held between Lees McRac College and No.8 in our school meeting room on March 24th, 2014.
The American representatives who attended the ceremony were Dean of Lees McRac College, Dr. Barry Buxton, the Director of International Department Dr. Marvin Williamsen and College Counselor Dr.Chih Jen. The Chinese representatives were No 8'  Principal Yonghui Xu, Vice-Principals Miaoshu Xian,Gezhi Qiang, Zangnai Dong, the leaders from the city’s Educational Bureau and ten student representatives. 
Principal Xu firstly extended a warm welcome to the American guests in his welcome speech and then gave a brief introduction about No.8 and the understanding with Lees McRac College.
Principla Xu said: “No.8 is a provincial model high school with senior high students、junior students、local students、overseas students、Chinese teachers and foreign teachers. Our working priority in this period is to develop foreign language characteristic and strengthen international exchanges and just in this important moment, the cooperation program represented by Confucius classroom between Lees McRac College and Langfang Number 8 come into being. We are very happy and we very much look forward to the signing cooperation today.” Finally, Principal Xu wished today’s signing ceremony successful.
Dr .Barry Buxton appreciated our school’s warm reception in his speech and showed his expectation to the cooperation and wish it successful.
   After Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian rea the Agreement of Cooperation in Running Schoo in English and in Chinese, both sides signed the agreement.  Principal Xu also hired Dr .Barry Buxton as our school's American consultant and  presented a letter of appointment.