Confucius College


  The city's first overseas Confucius Cultural Exchange Center was inaugurated in America.

  On 21st, May 2014, the Confucius Cultural Exchange Center cofounded by Langfang No. 8 Middle School and USA Lees McRae College was inaugurated in  the Trk City Banner, North Carolina. This marked the formal establishment of the first overseas Confucius Cultural Exchange Center .

  The Mayor of the Trk City Banner, North Carolina 、the Director of Educational Department and the Dean of the College together with the Principal of No.8 Middle School, Yonghui,Xu inaugurated  the Confucius Cultural Exchange Center. The Confucius Cultural Exchange Center is located in the Lees McRae College's library, covering an area of about 100 square meters and  has a strong cultural atmosphere.

  No. 8  Middle School, Langfang, is the only foreign language school in our city, which is also the national Chinese teaching promotion base. Adhering to the international talent cultivation concept, in recent years, it is making an active attempt in cooperation with foreign universities.

  At present, we are having a long-term cooperation with several schools in Singapore . USA Lees McRae College is a private university with a history of 114 year, which has outstanding humanities、 natural environment and the characteristic of the professional expertise.

  In March this year, both sides signed cooperation agreements in education in Langfang and decided to jointly build a Confucius Cultural Exchange Center .

  The establishment of Confucius Cultural Exchange Center in Lees McRae College not only built a bridge and platform of communication for the promotion of Chinese teaching and communication of Chinese culture,  opened up a new way for our cooperation.  At the same time, it also  plays a contrast role in promoting the relationship between the Trk City Banner and Langfang City.