Summer program and winter program

   At the invitation of Lees McRae College in North Carolina, and on behalf of Number Eight Middle School, Principal Xu Yong Hui and his delegation traveled to America to conduct a cultural exchange. The visit was from May 19th to May 24th,

  Through this visit, Principal Xu and the school learned more about the western basic educational system, the direction of reform and overall development. Some achievements of the visit were as follows:

  1. Established a Confucius Cultural Exchange Center in Lees McRae College.

  2. Established a program of study at Lees McRae College:

  After further negotiation between the schools, beginning this year we will select the graduates that meet the conditions from high school to study at Lees McRae College. Our students can study there without the TOEFL exam requirement and at the lowest expense.

  3. Establishment of winter and summer camp programs.

  There will be a student exchange between the two schools for a short time after each semester.

  4. Establishment of a program for long term student exchange.

  5. Establishment of a program for a teacher’s exchange.

  Through this program, the Chinese teachers can learn more about western running concept、teaching method and experience of management.


     About the summer camp program in July, 2014

  The first batch of Chinese students in late July, 2014, will be sent by No.8 to Lees McRae College to carry out an exchange visit.

  The main arrangement:

  1. The students will experience university life for 2 to 3 days in Sherlock North Carolina State University, USA. and study with America students, which can improve their ability of using English in pure English environment and experience USA campus life by themselves.

  2.The students will visit the tourist attractions and understand the western culture. The travel will cover many famous cities and areas: Washington, Philadelphia, Princeton, New York, New Jersey, New Haven, Boston and along the way we can visit the famous attractions: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Capitol, the White House, Air and Space Museum, Georgetown, Independence hall, Early Congress, Merdeka Square, the liberty bell, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, United Nations Headquarters, Rockefeller Center square, etc, from which the students have the opportunity to experience the charm of nature and technology of America.

  3.We will also Visit the famous University: Princeton University, Columbia University, Yale University, MIT University, Harvard University, etc. The students will experience university atmosphere and the students that wish to have further education there will get an detailed introduction about the professional characteristics of the university、admission standards and ways of application.