The Program of Study in Singapore Paid by the Singapore Government


The program was established in 2002 and has been run successfully for the past 12 years. A total of 102 students have been selected to study in Singapore, of which a dozen students studied at international well-known universities; such as The National University of Singapore、Nanyang Polytechnic University and the University of Toronto Canada. The program has a high visibility and acceptance in the region, which plays a very important role in promoting the school’s influence in this region and highlighting the characteristics of foreign language.

  The selection of outstanding Junior graduates going to study in Singapore on a government scholarship is as follows:

  Some students that will study in Singapore

  After many years of successful selection and sending junior graduates to study in Singapore, Number Eight Middle School decided to continue the selection process of the outstanding Junior graduates from the city to attend the test for the government scholarship organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education this year.

  1: The selection requirements.

  The program is a cooperation between the Singapore Ministry of Education and Chinese Ministry of Education. It requires the students that are recommended to be fresh graduates from junior school with a strong English level, good character and the ability to live independently.

  2: The form of overseas studies and the arrangement after graduation from university.

  (1)The students enrolled will sign an agreement with the authority of Singapore on a voluntary basis.

  (2)The students study in a senior high school first. After graduating they can apply for the governmental scholarship again and they can study at either The National University of Singapore、or Nanyang Polytechnic University. They can choose their own major freely and can also go to a University in another country.

  3: The cost of studying in Singapore.

  The cost of living 、 studying 、 accommodation and a round-trip ticket for each enrolled student will be paid for by the Singapore government .

  4: The process of selection

  (1) The junior graduates that meet the conditions will enter voluntarily. A registration form, a color photo of an inch and 50yuan are needed.

  (2) A 15-day training in May.

  (3) A qualifying examination in June. (The subjects are math and English)

  (4) The students selected have to attend the exam organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education. This exam will be held in China.The students enrolled will go to Singapore to study in October.


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