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                                                         A General Introduction 


Langfang No. 8 Middle School is also named Hebei Foreign Language School. Founded in 1998, she is a full-time state-run senior high school, a model senior high school of the province as well as the only foreign language school in Langfang. Located in the west of the city and immersed in culture area, she covers an area of 150 mu, with an area of structure of 45,000㎡.  Langfang No. 8 Middle School is going through a process of rapid development. In 2009, the school added the Junior High department and established two wings within its Senior High department: Foreign Languages and Arts. Now, over 200 teachers, with a mixture of youth and experience, are responsible for nurturing the development of close to 2, 500 students.  


1: Advanced Teaching System:

No. 8's guiding principles are: "People-first, Rigorous Management, Open Education and Efficiency". At No. 8, our growth, quality and efficiency are rooted in strong foundations of culture and character. We are striving to become a model ChineseHigh School, with first-class conditions, management and teaching. Through unremitting efforts and countless explorations and practices, a new school running system of One body, two wings and one foothold has gradually come into being, with senior high school teaching as the body, the characteristics of foreign languages as well as sports and arts as two wings and junior high school as the foothold. With the existence of all personnel grasping management and teaching work, the school witnesses the integrated development and improvement in all the work.   


2: Advanced Teaching Facilities:

Bright, spacious classrooms incorporate advanced multimedia equipment to ensure an optimistic learning environment. IT, Science and Geography Laboratories cultivate students' practical abilities whilst broadening their educational horizons. Our elegant Reading Room and well-stocked Library, allow students to surf an ocean of knowledge. In our gym and on our sports field, healthy bodies support healthy minds. Delicious meals served from the school canteen and comfortable dormitories make the students feel at home.


Elsewhere, every teacher is provided with a computer, connected to the school's campus-wide network. Our teaching evaluation system and automated recording technology allow us to offer Online Lectures and Open Class Synchronous Transmission. At No. 8 we believe that Information Technology can play an important part in upholding and improving educational standards.


3: Unique School-Running Concept:

The school values its foreign language assets and adheres to the following statements: "We have unique assets which we should cherish." and, "The more beneficial our assets, the more prosperous our school."


Recently, we have established co-operation with education bodies in Singapore, Kazakhstan, the US and South Korea. Foreign teachers are hired to teach oral English at No. 8, and English teaching is carried out in smaller classes so that everyone has a chance to express themselves and individual students' interests are promoted through targeted teaching methods. We introduced the Li Yang Crazy English Teaching Method in 2010 to further enhance our teaching of English. In addition, we have added the New Concept English course to our curriculum. This is taught and tested systematically, greatly increasing students' vocabularies.


In 2013, we introduced Cambridge English Courses, and integrated textbooks from the People's Education Press and New Concept English in order that students can receive teaching appropriate to their attained language level. In addition to English teaching, the Foreign Affairs Bureau undertakes a number of foreign exchange programs, including: the state-financed Study Abroad Project in Singapore; and enrolling overseas students from Kazakhstan and Italy. The Singapore Project stands out as a fantastic opportunity for students to further their studies at world famous universities. Since its inception in 2002, 99 students have realized their dream of further study in Singapore, receiving a full-scholarship. All of these students were recommended and trained by No. 8, which, since the project was started, has had the highest number of students accepted to Singapore from Hebei province.


In her capacity as a foreign language school, No. 8 is devoted to spreading Chinese culture beyond China's borders. In 2009, the first overseas students from Kazakhstan were enrolled, and after two years of systematic training, they graduated. Most were admitted to key universities.