The introduction of Chinese Classes for Foreign Students of Langfang No. 8 Middle School


On October 27, 1997, Langfang No. 8 Middle School was built in the New District with a specific style. It is located in a beautiful and culture filled area located in the western suburb of Langfang and has drawn the attention of people throughout the city. The campus is divided into three areas; Academic, Sport and Living areas. These facilities are complete and include a teaching office building, library and laboratory building, a planetarium, a gymnasium, sports playgrounds, students' dormitories, a comprehensive service building, a dining hall and restrooms. There is a teaching staff that numbers 196 at the school. Office automation has been realized as there is a computer for each staff member. In all 36 student classrooms multimedia teaching is available and in use.


Langfang No. 8 Middle School is not just a common model high school. It is also the only foreign language school in the city. The English classes are taught in sub-compartments; the oral English class is taught solely by foreign teachers; reading and writing classes are added in English subjects. By holding activities such as English Salon, English Corner, Textbook Play, Debates and little translator, the English learning of the students is comprehensive and their language ability is increased. The school provides a stage for the students to use English and show their talents.


For years, Langfang No. 8 Middle School has successively built and maintained a relationship of cooperation with the education departments of New Zealand and Singapore. In addition, cooperation with the American English Association has successfully resulted in an English Summer Camp being held during five consecutive summer holidays. In 2009 the headmaster Mr. XU Yonghui conducted an educational observation and study in both the US and Canada, reaching the programs of exchanging visits of headmasters, teachers and students, school twining and etc. At present, Langfang No. 8 Middle School has become a window for foreign exchange in Langfang City.


In 2009 Langfang No. 8 Middle School established a new guide for the concept of teaching. It established both a Junior High School Session and a Chinese class for foreign students in the summer holiday of 2009. The first group of students came from Kazakhstan and numbered 26 in total. These students will spend 2 years to study all of the Chinese classes usually requires 3 years for foreigners to finish at other schools.



Langfang No.8 Middle School has all of the necessary educational and living requirements and these include bright and spacious classrooms with air-conditioners    and multi-media equipment; double-bed dormitory rooms with public telephones, air-conditioners    and broadband internet access. Also, there are teachers living in the dormitory to assist the students. The school has a national dining hall for foreign students as well. They can study and grow up well in a safe, orderly, warm and harmonious environment.



Langfang No.8 Middle School emphasizes the overall growth and cultivation of the students' morality, intelligence, physical education and well being with the goal of helping them become well rounded. The school provides three specialized courses for the overseas students, which are intensive reading, reading, and listening and speaking. The classes have primary and medium levels. In the intensive reading classes, you can see a clear explanation of the teachers and dedicated listening and note-taking by the students. The class is precise and orderly. In the reading classes, you can see the overseas students reading the text fluently, which makes people astonished that they have only learned Chinese for several months. In the listening and speaking classes, the atmosphere is active and lively. The students participate with energy and exhibit a great passion for learning. There is also an oral English class every week for the overseas students and it is taught by the foreign teacher from America. In addition to the culture classes, the school also arranges music, art and P.E. Classes for the students. The students are learning to sing a Chinese song in music class. One of the students named Arsin is good at guitar playing. The students are learning Chinese painting in spirits in art class. The ink painting of some students greatly impressed their fellow Chinese art students. Also, the students are learning Taiji in P.E. Class. The students perform Taijiquan very well while other students are excellent at playing ping pong.





The school sets out a series of management regulations known as Dormitory Administrative Provisions, Study and Living Rules,and a Daily Evaluation System. It has strict requirements and thorough management on every aspect of the overseas students’ life and education. The attendance of every class is checked and is uploaded online every week after quantification and summary. The parents abroad can check the performances of their children on the internet as there is a test every week on what the students have learned. Every Thursday there is a comprehensive exam and there are also midterm and final exams each term. The school honors the excellent students and issues certificates of awards to these honorees.



The after-school life experience of the overseas students is also very abundant and colorful. They learn to make Chinese dishes such as dumplings and taste other foods of the Chinese culture. They also communicate and make friends, organize and participate in football games and attend the festival parties with Chinese students. On weekends, they tour the parks and squares of Langfang city. Their Chinese level has greatly improved as they continue to experience and partake in the culture and customs of China.




Achievement for Chinese ability by the Overseas Students

In December 2009, the overseas students Arsin, Maryam and Natalia of Langfang No. 8 Middle School participated in The Fifth Foreign Students Talent Show of Hebei Province, held by the National Office of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. These students all received the Award of Merit. Natalia especially impressed on the award night on Hebei TV and won special approval and admiration from the audience. In 2013, our school signed a cooperation agreement with South Korean KARA Chinese International School. There were 13 Korea students in the first phase coming to our school to learn Chinese senior high school curriculum and Chinese culture, of whom 10 students have entered Renmin University of China、Beijing Normal University and Foreign economic and Trade University to study. This program received the satisfaction and praise from the students and their parents. Langfang No. 8 Middle School has built an excellent cooperative relationship with many universities and it organizes students from overseas to attend the HSK examination every year. This creates more opportunities for students of different levels. Finally after passing the HSK, the school assists the students in selecting the university and major the students are interested in attending to further their education.



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