The foreign teachers in No.8


Since 1999, we have hired more than 20 full time foreign teachers. The school has successfully held the summer camp for 7 times, inviting 48 American counselors totally. We have invited 39 American foreign experts for the training of No.8’s English teachers thrice during summer holiday.


The foreign teachers of No.8 are selected from many applicants. They are dedicated with good professionalism and can communicate with the students smoothly. They know about the situation of China and of Chinese students. They perform the task of teaching Oral English for the students. The standard management and scientific evaluation system are used by the school to manage the foreign teachers which will ensure the improving in teachers’ teaching level.


In order to meet the increasing need of oral English teaching, we perennially recruit foreign teachers to teach in our school. If you meet the following requirements, you can contact us:


  1) Having a bachelor’s degree.

  2) Having more than two years of teaching experience.

  3) Having a good health condition.


 Once employed, you will sign a contract with us, the content of the contract is as follow: