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The school environment

   Between the two international cities of Beijing and Tianjin there is an excellent Chinese tourism city, which is known as the corridor connecting Beijing & Tianjin and the rim of Bohai. On her 6,429 square meters of land, there are 4 million hardworking and wise people. This is Langfang City in Hebei Province. The urban area of Langfang is 38 kilometers from downtown Beijing, 60 kilometers from downtown Tianjin and 40 minutes' drive from Beijing Capital International Airport. At present, Langfang has attracted investments from over 1100 enterprises from more than 40 countries and areas of the world. These investments are heavily focused on the hi-tech and export industries.
   In this remarkable city of outstanding people and beautiful establishments, there is a beautiful wisdom hall known as Langfang No. 8 Middle School. On October 27, 1997, Langfang No. 8 Middle School was built in the New District with a specific style. It is located in a beautiful and culture filled area located in the western suburb of Langfang and has drawn the attention of people throughout the city. The campus is divided into three areas; Academic, Sport and Living areas. These facilities are complete and include a teaching office building, library and laboratory building, a planetarium, a gymnasium, sports playgrounds, students' dormitories, a comprehensive service building, a dining hall and restrooms. There is a teaching staff that more than 200 at the school. Office automation has been realized as there is a computer for each staff member. In all 36 student classrooms multimedia teaching is available and in use.