Care in the Community


For a long time, moral education has been overlooked by many schools in China. It has been restricted to lectures, with students passively accepting advice, rather than engaging in an interactive learning process.


No. 8 aims to build a sound moral education system. A system of "Ideological and Moral Appraisal" has been implemented. Students' performances are recorded and assessed. Students also receive "Care in the Community Homework", in which they are encouraged to assist their parents, relatives, neighbors, class members and school. Students are encouraged to reflect on the value of their work, and in this way, students, their families, the school, and the greater community can be brought much closer together.


 The school has also focused on developing a collective consciousness through measures such as "Class Work Distribution". Each student has a responsibility, and each responsibility will have a student assigned to it.Through these reforms, we are raising students' awareness of their place in society and the impact of their actions upon that society.


At No. 8 we have long operated class meetings, where students and teachers meet to discuss particular topics of interest and importance. Through consultation with students we have reformed this meeting process to focus more on the needs of the students. Students now have the right to determine the topic of discussion, while the teacher works more as a facilitator, organizing and encouraging healthy discussion and debate. This bold decision to place more executive power in the hands of the students, has helped to foster organizational and self-management skills.


We also operate "Student Self-Governance" at No. 8. Students are encouraged to manage themselves. Student committees have been established to encourage students to become self-starters, invested in their own learning.


 No. 8 also organizes a variety of activities to enhance student's education. Our English Festival encourages students to communicate, sing and perform in English; the Math’s Festival combines a mathematics competition and mathematics challenges; our Comprehensive Science Festival promotes students' interests in all three major sciences; while our Chinese Festival is, of course, very popular.To promote class cohesion, we also hold Christmas Eve parties. In addition, students turning 18 will take part in a "Coming-of-age Ceremony".


 So far, our moral education reforms have affected a tangible culture shift within the school that has received widespread praise and support from both parents and the greater community. Through the effective practice of moral education, the school has helped students to become wise and mature.